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Offshore and Price per Head Shops over Las Vegas

Las-vegasWhat will the odds be for another Super Bowl blackout? LVH book director Jay Kornegay said, “We have to stay on the field of play,” Kornegay said. “But I’m pretty sure that some of the offshore books will have that bet next year.” (And the price per head sportsbooks too.)

Las Vegas may be the famous gambling city in the desert, but Mr. Kornegay just might be right. Offshore sportsbooks now offer more props than Vegas because they don’t offer entertainment props, or none-game related props.

This year Las Vegas sportsbooks had their best year ever with fans betting a record $98.9 million In Nevada, but offshore post up shops, price per head sportsbooks and illegal gambling make that almost 100 million wagered seem like pennies.

Gambling is, and has always been, a part of our lives.

Recent arrests in both Canada and the United states confirm that the lawmakers and protectors don’t like gambling, or at least don’t like not getting their cut.

So why all the fuss about legalizing it in North America like is has been in Europe and their live betting odds.

If Las Vegas bookmakers took in 7.2 million in profits this year on the Super Bowl alone, just imagine what all of the other betting sites and shops took in.

And with many young sports enthusiasts with a mobile phone or home computer, these numbers will just keep rising offshore. The downside to Las Vegas sportsbooks, other than only being in Nevada, is the limit of age to get in. Gamblers must be 21 to wager at LV sportsbooks. Online, punters can start at 18, and with a local, don’t even need a credit card.

As the state of New Jersey looks to begin its trial next week over whether sports gambling will be allowed in Atlantic City and at the state’s horse tracks, one wonders if they will ever be able to pull it off, or will offshore shops continue to reign supreme.

They are wished luck in the endeavor, but they should know that they have a long road ahead of them, and offshore books have already reached the Emerald City.

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