NFL Week 11 TNF Betting Line: Dolphins vs. Bills

Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills OddsThe Bills and Dolphins are getting ready to face each other in the AFC East – a division that was mostly owned by the Patriots for more than a decade. Now they’ll try to make it all the way to the playoffs, in what pay per head services can see is proving to be a very rare season in the league.

After they lost in Week 10, a second consecutive defeat for either team would seriously hurt he chances that they have to make it to the playoffs. The Bills and Dolphins are only two meetings away from first place, as they play in a conference that only has 11 teams that were winning.

For Miami, losing would be a huge problem, as Buffalo already beat them. The Bills were able to get a 29-10 win at home over their rivals in the AFC East in Week 2.

Since then, only the Bills have replaced their QB, but in that position, both teams are very different. In Week 5, Kyle Orton stepped in for EJ Manuel, and Ryan Tannehill turned into one of Miami’s top players after reports that he could be sent to the bench.

The Dolphins proved that they have one of the league’s top offenses since they lost their first two meetings, Miami have not been able to score less than 24 points From Week 4 all the way to Week 9, with an average of 30.6 points per each game played. In Week 10, 16 points were scored by Miami when they were defeated by Detroit, who currently have the NFL’s best defense.

When QB Tannehill is at his best, the Dolphins are almost unstoppable. In 2014, Miami are 4-0 when the player throws for nothing more than a single interception, and a minimum of two scores. The Dolphins are 11-1 in such meetings since 2012, when the player turned into the team’s starter.

Since he took Manuel’s place, Orton performed as was expected for the veteran. In four starts, the QB had three interceptions, but was able to throw 10 passes for TD’s. Orton was always able to throw over 238 yards and record a passer rating in any meeting below 81.9.

In the Dolphin’s five victories, no QB recorded a passer rating of over 76.4, which would have a ranking of 30th place this season amongst all of the starters. The QB’s that lost combined to throw nine interceptions and five TD’s. In the four losses suffered by the Dolphins, an opposing QB was never able to record a passer rating of below 89.6, with a total of only one interception and nine TD’s.

The Dolphins’ running offense is ranked at seventh place in the NFL, but on Thursday that might not matter much. On Sunday, Lamar Miller ended up being limited due to injury, and on 19 carries, Miami was only able to run for 50 yards, something that concerned many fans.

The Bills are the road underdogs with five points, but the team performed well while playing away from home. On the road, the Bills are 3-1, and 42 points is the under/over.

There were no close wins for the Dolphins, as they were able to take out each one of their opponents by 13 points – at least.

Many experts dealing with pay per head services believe that the Dolphins will take out the Bills by around 10 points.