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NFL Suspensions: Le’Veon Bell Accepts his 3 game Suspension

With all the hoopla over deflategate and Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension and the coming appeal, there is one NFL player, a favorite of sportsbook software services that has accepted responsibility for his past actions.

Le’Veon Bell, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers and previously of Michigan State, has admitted what he did was wrong and the punishment given is fair.

Last August Bell was charged with marijuana possession and driving while under the influence in an incident in Ross, according to sportsbook software services.

In an affidavit, Bell said that he was unaware that he could get a DUI for the effects of marijuana.

“I didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high. I smoked two hours ago. I’m not high anymore. I’m perfectly fine.”

He accepted a plea deal in December, and in February was entered into a court program.

“I made a mistake. I’m going to just have to do my time, whatever the final decision may be,” Bell said. “Get past it, and get ready for next season and continuing to be the great football player I know I can be.”

Bell was sentenced to a three game suspension in the upcoming 2015 season, and 15 months of probation as a first offender. He will also be required to stay away from drugs and alcohol for the remainder of his probation. He also had pay a $100 fee along with court costs, and take a safety driver training class.

“I did everything that they needed me to do and I did it quick,” Bell said. “So eventually, that’s going to be off my record. Obviously, like I said, I still have to do my time that they gave me, but if (the league) were to look into that and all the community service that I did and the classes that I had to take in eventually getting it off my record, that should be something that maybe they consider and help me knock off some time.”

Sportsbook software services previously posted an article about the Brady fiasco, stating that Brady should not receive a suspension due to the fact that no other game balls were tested throughout the previous year. We’ll see if his suspension is overturned by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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