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NFL Player Matthew Stafford Now The Highest-Paid In Football; Can A Bookie or Bettor Follow His Path?

Matthew Stafford earned his luck in football being announced as the highest-paid football player this year until the next five years. The Detroit Lions company has agreed to terms of the contract extension for the player until 2022 season. According to reports, the extension of Stafford’s contract will worth $135 million including the $92 million guaranteed money and $50 million signing bonus.

Matthew Stafford’s latest deal is a $100 million more than the contract of Derek Carr from Raiders last June, for the same duration of a contract. Stafford makes a history as the highest-paid NFL player. Currently, Stafford’s latest contract is about to end for the National Football League 2017 season at the price of $22 million with a $16.5 million base salary.

Matthew Stafford’s NFL performance

Due to Matthew Stafford’s outstanding performance in NFL, the Lions drafted him with the first overall pick last 2009. His skills in football allow him to generate pre-draft hype. However, as a human, Stafford had managed to make 108 interceptions, 18 fumbles and had lost 109 career games. He has gone 51-58 as a starter for NFL and had been the key player who takes the Lions to playoffs three times.

In 2011, Matthew Stafford led pass attempts after throwing 5,038 yards and 41 touchdowns. After making a straight strong season in 2016, Stafford had been ranked in the ESPN’s NFL in the eighth place. Since 2015, he had tossed 56 touchdowns with a completion rate of 66.3 percent which qualified Detroit three times for the post season. Though Stafford’s results were merely average, the Lions had been forced to give him the big-money contract.

Be Like Stafford

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