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NFL Football Week 1: Eagles vs. Falcons Preview

Eagles vs. FalconsAfter impressing everybody during the preseason, the Philadelphia Eagles come into week 1 of the NFL Football 2015 season to face the Atlanta Falcons in one of the most anticipated games by all per head sportsbook fans. Currently the line for this game holds the Eagles as favorites by an average of -2.5, and with good reason. But are the Eagles really going to take home a win from Atlanta?

This battle of the birds will feature two very skilled and talented offensive teams. For the brand new season the Falcons are going to look to establish a good effective duo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, furthermore the Falcons also have Roddy White among their options to attack the Eagles secondary. Per head sportsbook fans should take into consideration that the Falcons defines might not be as on point. This game will be a pretty tough test to help measure just how well will Atlanta be able to stand this season defensive wise.

Per head sportsbook favorites, The Eagles, reach a point where they now have to prove if the hype that their remarkable performance during the preseason will translate where “games mean something”. A lot of experts surrounding professional football are still cautious to grant Philly the status of contenders for the National Championship. While they have built a pretty solid team, they still need to be put to the test and see what they are made of. Chip Kelly’s team is very effective on offence, and efficient on defines. The Eagles have reliable depth on both defense and offense, and they have a smart and capable coaching staff. They are going to be one of the most exciting teams during the 2015 NFL season.

This week’s game will play out with both offences trying to establish the passing game. While the Falcons certainly have the firepower to trade body blows with the Eagles, Philadelphia might be just one step ahead, as they are a bit more versatile unit. This will be seen from early, as DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews will try to establish a solid running game from the start, to great passing lanes for Mathew Stafford. The Falcon’s D will surely have problems dealing with the onslaught that Philadelphia is going to bring but, their offence will help them keep this game close. At the half time the Eagles will very likely be leading by a field goal. The projected score for live betting purposes will be 17-14.

The second half is going to be more of the same. However, expect the Eagles to seek to use this game to throw their hats onto the ring as favorites this season. That means that they will want to secure the lead and put the game to rest early. The Falcons will have troubles getting their game going late in the game and the final score will be 34-21 in favor of the Eagles with Matthew Stafford putting on a great performance.

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