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NFL Football: Mariota renews Titan’s hopes

During the preseason, the Titans did not leave much of a good impression on the average per head sportsbook user. And by the Titans, well let’s be frank, we mean Marcus Mariota. Between him and the other star rookie QB, Jameis Winston, Mariota seemed to be the one who would need some adjusting to the NFL. In the preseason he looked shaky, out of place and lacking the confidence that made him a star during his playing days as an Oregon Duck.

The regular season came, and with just one game as a Tennessee Titan, Mariota already has the fans filled with hope for the future. To put it in blunt facts, for per head sportsbook terms, Mariota had the best first game of any Quarterback in the history of the NFL. That might sound like a hyperbolic statement, but no… it is a true fact! Mariotta became the first NFL Rookie Quarterback to throw for four TDs in the first half of his first game. A feat not achieved by Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, heck, even Tom Brady. The only QB that threw four TDs in their first start was the legendary Frank Tarkenton of the Minnesota Vikings.

What does this mean for the Titans? Well, assuming that Mariota’s performance is an indication of what we can expect from him in the future, the Titans will find a much-needed identity, and they might be on the process of becoming a decent team. Maybe, they might even reach the playoffs in a year or two. Per head sportsbook odds have them still as a team that will not make that much of an impact this season. But if Mariota keeps his form and with some key adjustments during this season and the coming offseason, the Titans could build an interesting team around their young star QB.

Now that the jitters of the first game are behind them, the Titans enter the 2015 NFL season with revamped and renewed hopes for the future. Their present might not still be as ideal as they would have hoped, but it does give them a great deal of confidence that their investment on the reigning Heisman trophy winner is starting to look like a potential elite player on the league. Maybe, just maybe, he might be the Quarterback that Tennessee has been looking for since the late great Steve McNair. Definitely bookie services have taken notice and the Titans might not be push-overs this season.

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