Top 20 College Games Attendance

Top 20 College Football Games AttendanceThe results are out for the highest attendance for last year’s College games. Did your team make the cut in the sportsbook software look at which team packed in the most fans?

1. LSU: 13 games, 91,965 attendance average –LSU can pile in the fans, with seating for 102,000 of them.

2. Michigan: 12 games, 91,321 average –A not so stellar performance didn’t stop the fans of U of M, despite the stadium’s 110,000 seats.

3. Alabama: 14 games, 90,599 average – The SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl didn’t help the Crimson Tide fill the 102,000 seat stadium, but regular games did.

4. Ohio State: 15 games, 86,943 average – If not counting away games, the Buckeyes had the highest attendance at 106,296.

5. Texas A&M: 13 games, 86,016 average – The Aggies had a great increase from the previous year’s home attendance of 87,125 to 105,123.

6. Tennessee: 13 games, 85,944 average – Sportsbook software tallied 6th on this list but 4th on the SEC, all while playing at Vanderbilt with a 40,000 sell out.

7. Penn State: 13 games, 81,414 average – After sanctions were lifted from past problems, Penn State finally had a great year and played a bowl game.

8. Georgia: 13 games, 80,647 average – A few games at lower fan base schools and a bowl game slowed their attendance.

9. Florida: 12 games, 79,170 average – The Gators made up for low attendance games by a strong home presence.

10. Auburn: 13 games, 79,141 average – iThe tigers sold out all seven of their home games. Nuff said.

11. Nebraska: 13 games, 77,404 average – Nebraska has sold out 340 consecutive home games, a national record.

12. Texas: 13 games, 76,273 average – Smaller schools brought down Texas and it’s 100,000 capacity.

13. South Carolina: 13 games, 74,003 average – Another game with Vanderbilt’s 40,000 crowd lowered SC.

14. Florida State: 14 games, 73,282 average – Home games of 82,000 are good, but as always, away games took away.