Sportsbook Software Services: NHL Playoff News

2015 NHL Playoffs Sportsbook Software Services NewsWe tend to obsess over the playoffs, whether it be the NBA, the NCAA basketball, and of course the NFL and the SuperBowl, but hockey? Hockey seems like a back woods cousin to sportsbook software services, hardly worth mentioning, unless you live in those parts. (and worse if you’re from those part where your team never makes it to the playoffs)

This NHL playoffs came at the same time as the NBA playoffs, but hardly anyone’s talking about them. In fact, did you know that the Montreal Canadiens were up against the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Rays were ahead 3-0 going into Thursday night.

Thursday finally saw the Canadiens come alive. One of the original 6 finally brought their passion and sportsbook software services noticed.

“”We knew what was at stake,” coach Michel Therrien said in French. “I could sense with the players before the game, they were really concentrated and focused. I didn’t sense any panic. I sensed a team that wanted to keep going the same way we were playing.”

Now we know that a lot of Canadien’s fans are jumping for joy right now that they’re still in the playoffs, but they do realize there is steep uphill grade to face, one that includes winning the next 3 games.

And also going into Thursday night, the Chicago Blackhawks were 3-0 over the Minnesota Wild.

Well this is where the story ended as the Blackhawks sealed the deal with a 4-3 win. Better luck next year Wild.

“It may have looked a little hectic, but I think our team remained calm,” Blackhawks’ left wing Patrick Sharp said, “and we did what we had to do.”

“They want to be successful. They want to find ways to win, and in the end they want to be champions,” Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said after the close win.

After a serious injury to Michal Roszival, the Blackhawks were down to 5 defensemen and sportsbook software services weren’t sure they could come through.

“We don’t think about being special,” Blackhawks right wing/center Pattrick Kane said. “If we have a good game the game before, we want to be even better. If we have a bad game, we want to wipe the slate clean and not feel sorry for ourselves, come back, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”