PPH Bookie Service: How will the Titans use Mariota?

Marcus Mariota Tennesse TitansMarcus Mariota is very famous for his skills when it comes to running the ball, but PPH bookie services know that as he gets ready to play in his first NFL season, the Titans must think about the best way to put the rookie QB’s talent to use.

Mariota – a former winner of the Heisman Trophy – was able to score 29 rushing TD’s while playing at Oregon, and now the Titans are trying to figure out how to use his running talent to make their offensive ranks more diverse. Tennessee must now see how they keep the QB healthy while making the most out of his talent.

“The league does a good job trying to protect quarterbacks, but any time a quarterback takes off with the ball there’s a risk,” said Ken Whisenhunt, Titans coach. “Then again, anytime anyone has the ball there’s a risk, so I don’t think you can get too caught up in it. You just have to be smart. Obviously you don’t want him having 30 carries a game because then you really increase that risk.”

Fernando Velasco, Titans center who last season was playing in Carolina alongside Cam Newton, was a witness of how valuable the rookie is on offense.

“A running quarterback keeps the defense guessing because they have to defend all 11 guys instead of just 10 —thinking the quarterback is just going to hand the ball off to the running back,” said Velasco. “So even if it’s just keeping the backside outside linebacker honest and keeping the safety honest — with the run-pass option — then it’s unbelievable how much of a benefit that can be.”

The hopes that the Titans have to use the QB in the best possible way come after the Seahawks’ big success with the very famous Russell Wilson, and PPH bookie services are still amazed about how much he was able to accomplish. In the first three seasons that Wilson spent in the league, he was able to average over 100 carries for each season played, and at the same time keep his health, starting in every single game. Whisenhunt wants the Titans to use the rookie in a way that is similar to how the Seahawks put Wilson’s services to use.

Mariota mentioned having studied Wilson’s styles of play, as well as those of other QB’s in the NFL.

“You can learn a lot from the guys that are playing right now — being able to save yourself, save a hit, different things like that,” said Mariota. “But again, designing runs will be up to coach Whisenhunt and the rest of the offensive staff. I’ll just do my best to execute whatever’s asked.”