Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Gurley feels ready for training camp with the Rams

RB Todd Gurley will join training camp with the RamsIt’s possible that RB Todd Gurley will join training camp with the Rams, and pay per head sportsbooks believe that this could be a great move for both the player and the team.

In an interview with NFL Media which was followed by fans all over the country, Gurley said that he was looking forward to participating in training camp this year, and wants to see the beginning of practice turn into his return date after a tear of his ACL last November, when he was playing his last season with Georgia

“That is definitely a goal that I’m shooting for,” said Gurley, and his fans also very hopeful. “Just to be able to get out there and do at least some individual stuff. It’s looking pretty realistic. This month I’ll be in St. Louis rehabbing, so hopefully I can aim for [training camp].”

It would be very impressive to see the player return to the game after he suffered the ACL injury, and he would be able to participate in football activities when August comes around. Adrian Peterson was able to return to the field quite quickly, and last season Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski was back in action. Broncos CB Chris Harris also returned. The players suffered ACL injuries, which worried many fans, but they were delighted to see them return to action with no major hassles.

Both players were operated in January of 2014, and were back for the beginning of the season in September.

Now pay per head software services believe that it’s very possible to see the RB’s plan work out.

“It’s been going pretty good,” said Gurley. “When we first came in with the rookies for minicamp, you get the install those three days and then OTAs came around, it kind of slows [the offense] down a little bit because you get to have more practices and a lot more meetings. So it’s been coming along pretty good so far.”

Considering the preference that Jeff Fisher already has, as well as how the Rams are standing this year in running the ball, there’s a big possibility that in the 2015 season the RB will do plenty of work.

The Rams could also decide to put a limit to the RB’s

Workload earlier on so the player could ease into the team, even though there’s plenty of pressure for them to try and make a winner.