Online bookmaking solutions: Ray Rice may get his Chance

Ray Rice, former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, will get his chance to play in the NFL again.Online bookmaking solutions have long wondered if Ray Rice, former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, will get his chance to play in the NFL again.

Ray, currently doing his darndest to apologize to the entire country, was dropped immediately after a video surface of him knocking out his then fiancée in an elevator in Atlantic City. The incident happened in February of last year, but the team thought that a two game suspension was sufficient. After the tape came out, the Ravens changed their tune and dropped him like a hot potato.

About the same time Rice disappeared from the line in live betting services, Adrian Peterson was brought out on child endangerment, for whopping his son with a branch. (and now the entire country now understands what a stitch is)

Well now Peterson is ok to play, although we’re not sure which team colors he will wear. The Vikings have said that he will be playing for them, but there is a little contract to talk about first, as no one is willing to pay for the whole shebang. So, other than the team, Peterson’s out of the Online bookmaking solutions headlines for now.

Rumor has it that there are a few teams that are looking into Rice though. After the apology tour, there are a few cities that could use a good running back, and Rice is all that. He is a free agent, so we’re pretty sure he is happy to go anywhere he can get a second chance. (Michael Vick also got a second chance after all)

The Atlanta Falcons are likely looking for a running back in the draft, but this team might be a good option for Rice and live betting services.

The Dallas Cowboys lost Demarco Murray to free agency, so who better to replace him.

The San Diego Chargers lost Ryan Mathews to free agency, but have a good draft position and might try to snag Melvin Gordon.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have former Raven Bernard Pierce. Do we smell a reunion?

The Tennessee Titans struggled last year, and might look to add Rice to the lineup.

Any way he goes, online bookmaking solutions hope he gets his second chance to show the world that he’s not all that bad.