LeBron James: Fans are motivation

LeBron James 2016 seasonLeBron James will be back. He might be back better than ever, with a purpose, the fans motivate him. And a motivated LeBron James is a bad thing for the players in the NBA.

“It hurt to lose,” James wrote this on Facebook per Pay per head sportbook. The picture he chose to caption was one of the children in his LeBron James Family Foundation at the Cedar Point amusement park. “I’ve been in a funk lately, but this… this is what motivates me to do what I do. How can I ever be down when I know my kids and my fans have my back?”

“Being back home and back with my fans is everything that I dreamed of. Thank you for an incredible season. I’m not satisfied… I’m not happy with the way things turned out… I PROMISE to get better. #StriveForGreatness #ILoveTheseKids #GodBlessOurFans.”

This was the first post from James since his previously reported video with Bleacher Report on Saturday per PPH Bookie Service. “I’m trying to work my way out of [a little funk],”

James told Cavalier fans in the video, he was “not happy with the way it closed out,” he was pleased with the effort shown by his teammates this past season.
“You know, for a team that’s first getting together, in our first year to be able to reach the Finals — not saying I’m happy with the results, but I’m proud of our guys,” James said. “Just the growth that they had from the first day we walked in the gym to the other day, us losing, I’m proud of the guys and what they were able to accomplish.”

James has also mentioned already preparing for next year. “Hopefully I can put our team in position once again to try to compete for a championship next year and year in and year out,” he said. “That’s my goal, and my inspiration hasn’t changed.”

The team might look different with the uncertainty of Love and any other tweak the Cavs deem necessary. I loved the emergence of Tristan Thompson and believe he is a better fit then Love, dare I say. Smith might also opt out of his final year and there may be mixed emotions towards Smith. He is volatile and it reared its ugly head in the finals after countless bone head mistakes. The Cavs still have work to do.