IDSca’s Latest Offering: Live Betting Software

Pay per head pioneer IDSca has created an incredible live betting software offering all of the same European sportsbook features to their clients, and now other price per head sportsbooks can take advantage of this great new product.

IDSca continues to grow their offerings, and the live betting software is just one of many products to come for the pay per head giant.

Launched in 2012, the live betting software is a great way to increase volume for pay per head shops. The most popular games can see betting volumes skyrocket by offering a variety of different wager types throughout the entire game.

The live betting software offers many unique features such as the ability for a client to retain total control of odds, margin and wager types on a game by game basis.

The operator has complete oversight of every aspect of the bet offerings but the live betting software still has automatic bet type suspension based on certain criteria, automatic line updates, and constant live line feed to make the system extremely user friendly..

Bet entering is on a short delay to ensure that if odds change, the customer is alerted to verify the new odds ensuring consistent control over each wager.

The odds are available in 4 styles: decimal, fraction, US and Honk Kong, so that the live betting software can be used in a variety of markets. The system also comes with 5 languages so that all customers can wager with their pay per head sportsbook in their native tongue. Currently available are English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and traditional Chinese with others to be added in the future.

Limits can be controlled by sport, on a player by player basis, and by bet type, for both main and prop bets.

Alternatively, a pay per head sportsbook could use our team of knowledgeable staff to manage the live betting following their specific needs on a pay per player basis.

Pay per heads sportsbooks will be able to seamlessly integrate the live betting software with their existing sportsbook, racebook and casino software, and all wagers will be adjusted in real time and accounts updated immediately.

Feel free to contact IDSca for more information and to see a demo of this new live betting software.