Do the Packers have a chance of winning the Super Bowl? Many bookies think so

2016 Green Bay Packers PredictionsThere’s no doubt that the Packers are Super Bowl legends, as they were the ones to win the first two championships prior to it turning into the most famous and widely seen sports event in the history of the US. Many pay per head sportsbooks believe that once again they could have a very good chance of making it all the way, and the team’s fans are not losing any hope.

There are many bookies out there who believe that the Packerswill be the ones to win it once again, and many fans would like to see them lift the trophy that bears the name of their great legendary coach.

Among the QB’s, Aaron Rodgers is seen by many in the football world as being the NFL’s top player, and the one with the most value. During the offseason, the Packers also did not lose the services of any important WR’s or offensive linemen.

This basically means that they don’t have to have a very dominant defense to reach the top, but having the services of LB’s Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, they should do fine in that department.

Many fans believe that Green Bay is still hurting after their sad loss at the NFC title championship in Seattle last year, and it would make sense to think that the pain won’t end. However, the story is different when it comes to a team led by Rodgers. In fact, last season they Packers were quite close to going all the way, and many bookies believe that perhaps they’ll make it this time around.

This year, the most important thing is to return to that point, and they can do just that – with advantage in the home field and a good schedule that includes what many fans see as a weaker NFC North.

Reaching the Super Bowl would be great for Rodgers, who hails from Northern California, and winning it would be even better. Many pay per head sportsbooks also believe that the Patriots facing Brady and the Patriots would be the ultimate showdown.

There’s nothing that the Packers would want more than to beat the Seahawks and Patriots on their way to win football’s greatest prize, and just like Bart Starr, now Rodgers should take Lambeau right back to Green Bay.