Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Price per Head Analysis

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles Price per Head PicksThe biggest rivalry of the NFL is here on week 2 and price per head sport betting fans are getting their gets and their popcorn ready. The Philadelphia Eagles are hosting their hated rivals the Dallas Cowboys in a game that will definitely have some fireworks. Coming from a very surprising first week both teams will be entering this game with a mission to beat their opponents to the proverbial pulp.

The Eagles were touted by many (including this writer), as the team that was going to make a big splash this season and take the NFL by storm, especially after what they demonstrated on the preseason. Yet they had a bad game and got upset on their season opener against the Atlanta Falcons. Sam Bradford was very off and the Eagles were not clicking at all on Offense, and they looked pretty shaky on Defense as well. They were not able to put the pressure on Matt Ryan, and they were just unable to cover Julio Jones. It was a completely different Eagles team from the team that had the entire price per head sport betting world eager to see. It was pretty disappointing.

Week 2 is approaching and Philly has no time whatsoever to waste, they will have their first game of the season to their bitter rival. If they are going to make an impression on the league this year, this is the game they need to demonstrate such a thing. It’s not a regular game, no matter what anybody could say, it is against the hated Dallas Cowboys. Chip Kelly and his players know for a fact that a loss now to the Cowboys, this early on the season could spell disaster. It might seem extreme, but a 0-2 record is on nobody’s plans right now. Currently Philly is the favorite according to price per head sport betting odds posted online.

As for the Cowboys, they are coming from a good win on week 1, where Tony Romo pulled another comeback from his ol’ bag of trick. He will link up with star WR Dez Bryant. The Cowboys morale might be high from last week, but they are still not as convincing as a football team as they would want. Undoubtedly the Eagles are a big challenge for them and at this point they don’t seem ready to hold their own against them. This will be a tightly contested game for the first half of the game, perhaps with the Eagles leading 17-14. In the second half live betting fans can expect Philly to secure the game 34-21.