Broncos WR Sanders believes that the Patriots shouldn’t be champions

Broncos Emmanuel SandersMany NFL fans expected this to happen, and PPH bookie services could see it coming. A player for a rival team in the AFC was at some point was going to say that the Patriots aren’t worthy of being champions due to Deflategate.

The player to share his thoughts on the matter was the Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders, as on Thursday he mentioned feeling “mad” and that New England “shouldn’t be a champion”.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m kind of mad. I don’t think that they should be the Super Bowl champion this year,” said Sanders. “You aren’t supposed to cheat. Cheating is not good, especially when you’ve got guys who are working they’re butts off for 365 days out of the year and one person cheats — whether it helps them win the Super Bowl or not, they still cheated and shouldn’t be a champion.”

However, PPH bookie services could also see that the Patriots were working very hard, and things were not always easy for them at all. But the team’s season did prove to be a great one. Under fire QB Tom Brady was struggling at times, but with Rob Gronkowski completely healthy, the Patriots’ offense was nothing short of dominant on the field. Also working with what was a deep defense made what could have the most complete team that coach Bill Belichick had during his time with the Patriots.

But there are many fans who believe that there might be truth in Sanders’ thoughts on the subject, and they can also see that his words are creating a bit of a stir in the NFL.

The Patriots were heavily punished by the league, as Brady was suspended for four games, the team got a fine of $1 million, as well as a first-round pick taken away from the draft.

Taking a Super Bowl title away from a team seems pretty far-fetched and would be a huge deal if it ever was to happen, but the Patriots’ rivals can always speak about it as a possibility, something that shows just how serious the Deflategate case has been so far. Many players are not taking this whole mess very well at all.

It’s very unlikely that anything like what was mentioned above will happen to the Patriots, but the fans just want to see how things move on from here, and certainly don’t want to see anything like Deflategate ever happening again in the sport.