AFC South Sportsbook Software Odds and Preview

2015 AFC South sportsbook software odds predictionsAFC South is unfortunately at the bottom of the heap for the sportsbook software in the AFC, so the teams may get overlooked in many previews. Not here though, as we crunch through who the teams have added, and what it means to their ranking.

The Indianapolis Colts are a solid for winning the AFC South, after last year’s 11-5 finish. This year they have boosted their defense even further by adding Robert Mathis, Trent Cole, and Frank Gore to the lineup. Can they take it all the way to the win the AFC Championship pull off another visit to the SuperBowl? Let’s hope quarterback Andrew Luck practices cutting down on some of those turnovers this year.

The Houston Texans had an ok year last year, finishing 9-7. This year they got third round pick Jaelen Strong, (70th overall), who looks to be a great replacement for Andre Johnson. And as far as rumors that the team tried to snag Peyton Manning from the Denver Broncos, well they may have wanted the star quarterback, but not gonna happen. The Texans are the only thing slowing down the Colts from winning the AFC South, but still not likely to happen.

Oh no, to be the two teams on the bottom of the AFC South! That is where we find the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans, and we currently have both at 25 to 1.

The Jags finished last year at 3-13 in the sportsbook software but this year they are laying some of their hopes on the signing of tight end Julius Thomas, and the rest on an improved offensive line and Blake Bortles able to throw for at least 3500 yards.

The Titans have agreed with Nissan to rename the field, and that isn’t the only change that will happen in the upcoming season. The Titans have weathered the storm of last year, and now have a solid base to build upon, and by including Marcus Mariota, (despite him not having a contract to sign yet) they have a chance to move up in the ranks to a more reasonable 7 games this year.

AFC South Sportsbook Software Odds:

Indianapolis Colts       -250
Houston Texans         +300
Jacksonville Jaguars  +2500
Tennessee Titans       +2500