New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills Week 17 Analysis, Betting Line Update

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills Week 17 Betting line updateThe Patriots have a clear edge over the Bills, as pay per head bookies saw that they were able to win 26 out of their last 28 games SU, and they went 18-9-1 ATS.

However, the Patriots (12-3) and the Bills (8-7), won’t really have much to play for when they square off on Sunday. Pride can be a reason, though. New England already won the AFC playoffs’ top seed, and Buffalo are out of contention for the playoffs.

The betting line opened with the Patriots as the favorites by 10 points, and 47.5 was the total.

Buffalo were able to win three out of their last four meetings SU, going 4-0 ATS, before last week’s 26-24 loss to the Raiders. Early during the game’s fourth quarter, the Bills were able to make it to within 19-17, but Oakland ultimately won the matchup.

So Buffalo, who are at 8-7, won’t be able to make it to the playoffs for the 15th consecutive season. However, with a win this week, the Bills can have a winning record, with 2004 being the last time that they had one. This season, Buffalo just have a ranking of 24th place when it comes to total offense, but in their total defense they’re in fourth place, and when it comes to allowed points they have fifth place.

New England were just able to win the AFC’s top seed with a win of 17-16 last week over the Jets, and the Broncos’ loss to the Bengals on Monday. On Sunday, the Jets were leading the Patriots as they moved into the game’s fourth quarter, but a short field was put in place thanks to an interception, and New England won the game.

In their total offense, New England have a 10th placed ranking this season in the NFL. In total defense they’re 13th place, first place in scoring with 31 PPG, and in scoring defense they’re eighth, with a bit less than 20 PPG. The Patriots were also able to beat the Bills six consecutive times, and 14 points – at least – decided four of those meetings.

As the Patriots are already in the playoffs, they could put starters to rest, and Buffalo will look for revenge against a team who throughout the years was not very nice to them at all. Therefore many experts and pay per head bookies believe that the Bills could be the ones to go for in this upcoming clash.

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