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Michael Vick turns into the first QB to rush for 6000 yards

Michael Vick first QB to rush for 6000 yardsOn Sunday, the Jets’ fans were very impressed when they found out that Michael Vick turned into the first QB to record 6,000 yards rushing in a career when the team took on the Steelers at MetLife Stadium, in a game that stunned many sportsbooks providing pay per head solutions.

Things also positively turned around for New York, putting an end to their very ugly losing streak this season in their meeting with Pittsburgh.

In the game against Pittsburgh, the very famous QB was able to finish with 39 rushing yards for New York, beating the Steelers 20-13, and putting an end to a losing streak of eight games. Many fans could not believe what they saw on the field.

The player already had a record of rushing yards made by a QB in his career as he entered the 2014 season, and already had a total of 5,967 yards rushing moving into the game against the Steelers. Putting all of this into perspective, RB LeSean McCoy – Vick’s former teammate for the Eagles – was able to record a total of 6,095 yards last week, so many fans can clearly see what a huge feat the Jets QB was able to accomplish.

Randall Cunningham turns out to be the list’s second with 4,928 yards recorded in his career, and there were 4,239 for Steve Young.

Vick, who is 34-years-old, and is currently playing in his 12th season in the league, was initially drafted by Atlanta and spent six seasons playing for the Falcons, and then the played for Philadelphia for six seasons, something that many experts know already gave the player plenty of experience in the game. Last season, after the veteran ended up losing the starting position for the Eagles to QB Nick Foles, the player was taken by the Jets on a contract that was worth $4 million, going for one year.

Many experts in the NFL now believe that Vick could be a player who created a revolution in the league with the QB position, as well as a new generation of running QB’s, and now many sportsbooks providing pay per head solutions can see a much more dynamic game ahead- in this season and the following ones.

Vick’s fans never doubted the player’s massive talent on the field, and the Jets’ fans must have been ecstatic after they saw him set a new record and help the team put their losses to an end so far this season. How the Jets will continue to perform is yet to be seen, but many fans believe that the Jets could very well be back on track.

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