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Marvin Lewis plans to return as Bengals coach

Marvin Lewis Bengals head coach plans on returning in 2015Next season Marvin Lewis is planning to take back his role as the Bengals’ coach despite having lost six times in just as many meetings. Online bookmaking companies know that many fans didn’t lose their faith in the coach, and would not mind seeing him back in what would be his 13th season with the team.
As he was talking about his hopes for a trip next season to the playoffs only minutes after being beaten on Sunday by the Colts 26-10 in a wildcard game, the coach was asked if in 2015 he was thinking about returning to the team.

“That’s my plan,” answered the coach.

“Tomorrow’s not promised for anyone,” said Lewis. “That’s part of life in the NFL and the finality of losing when you lose in the playoffs.”

Last offseason, the coach agreed to a contract extension of one year that would see him work with the team throughout next season.

Lewis, who since 2003 was the Bengals’ head coach, was able to lead the team to four straight appearances in the playoffs. In Cincinnati, that kind of streak was not heard of before. The four times that they made it to playoffs were completely different to how they performed in the 1990’s when in eight out of ten seasons, the team ended with bad records.

In his career, Lewis was able to win 100 times –exactly – and none of those wins took place beyond the 17th week.

Having lost for a sixth playoff loss in a row, on Sunday the coach joined the ranks of Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Owen, and Jim Mora as the NFL’s only coaches who suffered so many consecutive defeats in a postseason.

“The only way to do it is to at some point — whoever it is, whatever it will be — to go back to work, put their heads down and kick the door down,” said Lewis. “That’s all you can do. There’s no other words about it.”

One player who looks forward to seeing the coach return to the Bengals next season is safety George Iloka, to not mention many fans and online bookmaking companies.

“I don’t see why not,” said Iloka. “He’s done a good job. That loss ain’t on him. That’s on us. They had us pretty prepared. We were real confident going in, and we were in the game until the fourth quarter.

“He wasn’t out there playing. The Xs and Os can only take you so far. It’s about the Joes out there. We’ve got to place some of that on us.”

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