Mark Snyder was fired by the Aggies

Mark Snyder was fired - Texas A&MOn Friday, coach Kevin Sumlin made the announcement that Mark Snyder was fired, and now Texas A&M need the services of a new defensive coordinator, something that many fans and live betting services believe is necessary for the team to improve.

The Aggies’ defense had a lot of struggles in the season’s second half. In the last seven meetings that they played, Texas A&M, who ended up losing on Thursday night to LSU 23-17, gave up an 38.3 point average, as well as 502.5 yards.

Texas A&M have a 103rd national ranking this season when it comes to allowed yards per each game played, with 449, and in rushing defense they’re 111th, with 223.5 allowed yards in each game played. On Thursday, the team gave up to LSU 384 rushing yards, which is a high for the season.

“Mark is an outstanding coach and an even better person, but he understands the production needed to be better on the defensive side of the football,” said Sumlin. “We wish he and his family all of the best moving forward.”

The contract that he had, which saw him get paid $700,000 a year, was set to go through March 31, 2016. Snyder joined the staff of Texas A&M before the season of 2012, when the team acquired Sumlin’s services.

“I appreciate the opportunity Kevin Sumlin gave me to come to Texas A&M and to work on his staff,” said Snyder. “I have been in the business a while now and understand it is a production-based business.”

The Aggies went 11-2 in the first season that they played with Snyder, with the team’s defense ranked at 26th place in the nation in scoring, as well as 16th in the rate of conversions in the third down. Live betting services saw that in 2013, having a defense that was full of inexperienced and young players, Texas A&M ended in last place in the SEC when it came to efficiency in the red zone, yards per game, yards per play, rushing yards made per game, sack percentage, yards per carry, and scoring defense.

This season, the Aggies did not get much better. The team have a ranking of last place in the league when going against other teams in the SEC, as they just allowed 38.6 points and 512.1 in each game. They were at 13th place in SEC play when it came to allowed rushing yards (208.9) per game.

For Texas A&M’s bowl game, Sumlin said that LB coach Mark Hagen will be the team’s interim defensive coordinator.