Marc Trestman and Phil Emery were fired by the Bears

Bears fire Phil Emery, Marc TrestmanOn Monday, the Bears fired coach Marc Trestman and GM Phil Emery after the team went 5-11 during the season, and now pay per head bookmaking services would like to see what the team’s next move will be.

Trestman gave his thanks to the team for the opportunity to coach the Bears.

“I also want to thank all the coaches and players who gave us everything we asked over the past two years,” he said. “I have tremendous respect for this organization. Chicago is a special city with great fans. I appreciate the warm support my family and I received.”

On Monday morning, Trestman spoke to the Bears before leaving the team’s facility.

“It was the same Marc Trestman meeting we always have,” Bears TE Martellus Bennett said. “He just said said ‘thank you’ and that he ‘appreciated’ the guys. It wasn’t anything different than he usually does when he comes in. He has his notes written down and he’s meticulous about what he says. He’s very good with the words he chooses to use.

“For coach [Trestman] I just think it’s a dream deferred. I think he’s a really good coach, an excellent guy, and I think he will have another chance to coach in this league.”

On Monday, Emery met with the media but didn’t take any questions, and read from a pre-written statement.

“This job was the opportunity of a lifetime. My only regret is we didn’t win enough games for that opportunity to continue,” he said.

“Thank you to all the Bears fans that have reached out to me the last three years, who have stopped to say hello, have extended their hand in friendship and that I’ve had the opportunity to have a conversation with. Your kindness does a lot more for the soul than people can imagine. To borrow a lyric or a line from Cary Newcomer: “We stand breathless on the clean edge of change.” So it’s time to change and move forward. Go Bears. Thanks for your time.”

Many Bears fans are very upset about Trestman and Emery leaving the team, but they hope that whatever change was made by the team, it will be for the better. Pay per head bookmaking services will see how the Bears continue to advance in the game, and hopefully things will look much different next season for them.