Manziel was late to the Browns’ walk-through due to a party

Johnny Manziel in a PartyThere could now be an explanation to Johnny Manziel being late for the team’s walk-through on Saturday. Many fans and pay per head bookies were not exactly happy when they found out about what the explanation was.

Manziel, who is currently on the IR list as he’s rehabbing an injury to the hamstring, threw a party on Friday night, and many team members showed up for this, which was the reason for the player not making it on time to a walk-through , as reported on Sunday by CBS Sports. Cleveland gave Manziel a fine.

The report said that the team sent security personnel to the QB’s house so they could try and find him when he didn’t show up for the walk-through on Saturday.

This would turn out to be the latest incident involving the player’s pranks off the field – something that affects the standing that he has with the Browns, and this also didn’t help the player’s cause when it came to many fans. The QB was seen in the offseason quite a few times partying with celebrities and teammates.

The player also vowed to take more seriously his job as a QB for the Browns, but the organization can be more concerned about him after this last problem. This season, the player was struggling in the two starts that he had for the team, as he went 13 out of 26 for 112 yards and two picks before an injury to a hamstring that took place in Week 16 in a game with Panthers, putting his season to an end.

“The main thing is I’m not the guy that I’ve always been,” said the QB. “I’m not the Johnny Manziel that came in here a year ago and was talking to you guys when I first got here. I feel like I hardly know you guys, but it’s a lot different now obviously for me. It’s been a year of growing up for me. This is a job for me now. I have to take this a lot more seriously than maybe I did at first still going home and doing whatever I was doing in the offseason.”

Fans of the Browns were not very pleased at all after this latest problem with the player, and neither were pay per head bookies. Manziel should really get his act together with the Browns, and hopefully soon enough.