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Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr fight, “Fraud of the Century”

Who can forget the fight of century with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., and how, well, it really didn’t seem like it once we were into it. And although it made a record amount of money for seats and amounts processed through bookmaker software, its hardly the achievement they were going for.

Pacquiao should have said something about having a bad shoulder, and the fact that he wasn’t even able to use it in the final rounds proves that he was not 100% going into the fight.

Sure it was a disappointing fight for many price per head services, but is it worth a lawsuit over it?

Well apparently a few people think so. Yesterday I learned that there were currently 32 class action suits against the fight, the promoters, et al.

Of course there are also some that are defending Mayweather, saying that Pacquiao was playing like a shadow of himself in the 12th round.

Professional boxer Austin Trout thinks that Pacquiao was the reason everyone is complaining that the match didn’t live up to its name, ‘the fight of the century’.

“For me, it was more on Pacquiao. I thought Pacquiao was [going to] be able to bring it more. He was semi-successful, he just didn’t do it enough. He [Mayweather] made the guy who people thought was the No. 2 pound-for-pound great look like an amateur.”

The lawsuits are now alleging that it was the ‘fraud of the century’, and are using “Exhibit A’ for the majority of the lawsuits, a questionnaire filled out by Pacquiao prior to the bout cited as fraudulent information.

“The fight was not great, not entertaining, not electrifying. It was boring, slow and lacklustre,” according to a lawsuit that was filed in Texas alleging that it was racketeering, a claim usually saved for organized crime and the mob.

Bookmaker software users also had a lot to say about the bout, claiming the fight was more fixed than fair.

A bar near the Los Angeles airport claims that it was “nothing but a cash-grab.” The bar had to pay $2,600 to broadcast the fight. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Flights Beer Bar.

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