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Man catches two home run balls hit by Chris Carter in the same game

Chris CarterOn Tuesday night there was a man who was apparently blessed by the gods, as he was able to catch not one, but TWO home run balls hit by Chris Carter in the same game. He was set to return them to the slugger, but price per head agents found out that Carter gave them back to him – autographed, and many Live betting fans are having trouble understanding how all this could possibly happen.

Just in case the team’s Live betting fans happened to miss the action, Tim Pinkard – in the first time he ever visited Houston’s Minute Maid Park – had the extreme luck of catching two home run balls – one in the third inning, and another in the fifth inning. Pay per head services then saw that to make matters even more bizarre, Carter was the one who hit both of them.

Price per head agents saw that Pinkard had the honor of meeting Carter before the game on Wednesday night, and said that he offered to give the balls back to Carter. However, Pinkard said that the slugger did not want to take them back, and instead they were autographed. He even decided to pose for a few pictures with a very fortunate Pinkard and family, and many Live betting fans still can’t believe his luck.

The man’s luck increased even more, as pay per head agents learned that Pinkard’s seats for the game on Wednesday were reassigned. Live betting fans were amazed to learn that he was given primo seats located right on the other side of the dugout.

Now, regarding the balls, Pinkard is not even considering selling them, as he and many Live betting fans (except those who are perhaps financially troubled) believe that the memory of catching both baseballs is worth more that any money he would get.

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Pinkard plans to have the baseballs in display in his house when he gets back to the Washington D.C. area where he lives, and price per head agents can see that now he really has something to brag out.

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