Live Betting: Texans vs. Cowboys Week 5 game Analysis

TexansLive betting fans saw that in Week 4, J.J. Watt was all over the place when the Houston Texans beat the Bills 23-17 – a win which saw Houston make it to a 3-1 record so far this season. The team was also able to cover the spread as home favorites at 2.5 points.

Besides creating plenty of problems with their defense with nine career-high QB hits on Manuel, as well as five tackles, Watt also had an imposing presence on offense when the player was able to convert a pick into a TD of 80 yards. Houston was very lucky that the player was in that showdown against Buffalo, since the team’s offense seemed to have a very difficult time.

On the ground, only 37 yards were recorded by Houston, which was mediocre, as it was made by a running attack that before week 4 had 140.7 yards-per-game, with a fifth ranking in the NFL. Arian Foster, who was sitting out when the Texans took on the Giants, was activated when they faced the Bills, but on only eight carries the player could just make six rushing yards.

Houston decided to trust the services of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was able to throw for 268 yards that went with two interceptions. It was somehow a very reasonable move for the Texans, as when it came to their rushing defense, Buffalo had a ranking of third in the league, while on the ground the team only allowed 71.5 yards-per- game before the game. Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, was too unstable to give the offense total control of their passing game, as was clearly seen by his five interceptions – which ended up being the worst in the league.

When they take on Dallas, Houston has to give its RB’s – Foster in particular- much more work to do, as the rushing defense that the Cowboys have is an easier one to take out than the one that Buffalo has.

Not a lot of very good things were said about Dallas’ defense; however, things could change for them after they beat the Saints on Sunday night. Dallas was able to limit limited the visitors to only 17 points.

With the 38-17 win made by the Cowboys, the team is now tied with the Eagles at the top of the standings of the NFC East, and both teams have records of 3-1. In their last four meetings, Dallas was also able to make it to 3-1 ATS.

Dallas’ defense must still make plenty of improvements – particularly against the pass – even though they were successful. This problem was clearly seen when the Cowboys let the Saints’ Drew Brees throw for 340 yards with two TD’s. However, next week, when they face the Texans, Dallas must be more focused on putting a stop to the run.

Besides the defense, the team’s victory over New Orleans was clear proof that the Cowboys’ offense is nothing short of explosive. New Orleans’ defense was pretty much destroyed by DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo, and Terrance Williams, and now the Texans must have a lot to worry about.

Houston still didn’t take on an offense as threatening as the one that the Cowboys have, with an average of 28.75 points-per-game scored this season so far, and many Live betting fans can’t wait to see what will happen on the field when this clash gets underway.