Steven Jackson’s art is a real hit

Steven JacksonSteven Jackson, Atlanta Falcons running back, is impressing Live betting fans everywhere with his art. Pay per head agents found out that the player ended up selling over half of his masterpieces at a show that recently took place in Los Angeles, and they were shocked to learn (in the good way, of course) that one of his works was sold for $7,000. Yes, sometimes even NFL players have that flair.

Pay per head agents fans saw the artist in Jackson show up on HBO’s program “Hard Knocks” – where his first exhibit was filmed in July. Live betting fans learned that the player’s artwork is based out of pictures he took all over planet.

Live betting fans and pay per head agents wished to see his work up close and personal at the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery. A gallery representative said that the player sold 13 of the 23 works on display.

“[Steven] did great,” the representative said … “Normally, it’s a mix when you have a celebrity exhibit — but we had high-end collectors who bought some of his pieces.”

Live betting fans learned that the $7,000 piece called “Amazon”, and a private collector bought it.

And pay per head agents were even more surprised when they found out that Chris Long – Jackson’s former St. Louis Rams teammate who’s very famous with many Live betting fans – did not only show up at the gallery to support his friend, but decided to become a customer, and bought one of his pieces which was – not surprisingly – called “Game Day.” Live betting fans believe that this piece in particular should be perfect for an NFL player’s living room.

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The art gallery is so excited about Jackson’s artwork that they have plans to feature what he worked on in a show, but pay per head agents learned that it will most likely happen when the football season is over, and maybe this time around the venue will be packed with Live betting fans.