Live Betting: Jordan is back in the Dolphins’ active roster list

On Saturday, the Dolphins said that that Dion Jordan was activated, and the player is now a part of their active roster. Many Live betting fans were very pleased to learn that he joined the ranks of the team following his six-week suspension.

Last week, Jordan was able to complete his suspension from the sport, and the player is now expected to make his debut this regular season when the Dolphins take on the Jaguars on Sunday.

The player was given two suspensions after he breached the league’s policies involving substance abuse. Earlier during the week, the player told media in Miami that he would like to round up time that was lost.

“It’s definitely a lesson learned,” said the player. “I’m human just like everybody else here. I made a mistake.”

In 2013, the No. 3 overall pick was traded by Miami so the team could acquire Jordan’s services. Ever since that happened, suspensions and injuries hindered the first two seasons played by Jordan. Last year, the player was only able to record two sacks and 26 tackles while playing as a rookie, and this season, he will get his first chance to play for the Dolphins when the team takes on the Jaguars.

The Dolphins have plenty of depth at the DE position, and the player won’t have a very important role for some time, but many fans believe that he could prove to be crucial at some point. This week, Jordan practiced with the defense and on special teams, and when he leaves the bench, the player will continue being a backup.

“My abilities haven’t changed,” said Jordan. “So I’m going to go out there and continue to give it my best. Actually, I’m going to help these guys out and make it a lot easier for these guys so [Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon] don’t have to take as many reps as they’ve been taking the last few weeks.”

The Dolphins decided to release WR Damian Williams so there could be room for Jordan on the team’s roster of 53 players.

Miami’s Live betting fans were glad to learn that Jordan is back with the team, and many of them are confident that he can seriously help them this season – once he gets to have a key role – but they also hope that the player doesn’t violate any of the team’s rules in the future.