has the Software Solution for your Business Live Betting-Price per Head has been the software solution for many land based clients, and recently expanded to offer live betting to other sportsbooks and per head services here in Costa Rica.

Live Betting is an essential offering in the per head and sportsbook market, so we created the Live Player platform that fits seamlessly into your site, all at a low price. This product will vastly increase the offerings you have for your customers, and in turn, increase your profits.

Working on small margins, much like a day trader, in-play wagering may have a lower return per wager, but the overall sheer volume of markets available for every game creates the perfect way to boost your bottom line.

1000+ games are offered every month and are managed by our professional live traders, who monitor each and every market in the game. An algorithm provides the lines based on what is happening in the game, so all lines are updated second by second. A time delay when a wager is entered also ensures that there is no advantages, thus making it fair and safe.

On larger games, such as the SuperBowl or World Series, etc, several traders manage different sections of the game, such as totals, spread and props. In this, we know that no trader becomes overwhelmed with the amount of lines he is watching.

The Live Player platform is easy to use with three sections; the current and upcoming games on the left, the betslip on the right, and the center section shows the game chosen, current score and time, and lines available.

When the calendar is selected, the center section changes to the next 3 days and the games that will be available. The sport is displayed clearly with the teams and game time, so your customers can plan ahead.

When reports are selected, the center section shows any pending wagers, and graded wagers by day, for the past week.

Upcoming games can also be displayed on any sports page, and is a great way to direct your customers to this great new product.

This software solution will be a great addition to what your company already offers. Want to know more? Go to and see for yourself how live betting is your future.