Charles Woodson was going to fight Moore after costing the Raiders a timeout

Charles Woodson-RaidersOn Thursday night, 38-year-old Charles Woodson, veteran safety for the Raiders, almost got into a fight with LB Sio Moore after he cost Oakland a timeout late in their game against the Chiefs while he celebrated a sack. Many fans and live betting services who saw what happened on the field can fully understand why the player was annoyed by what Moore did.

The player took his celebration a bit too far, as after he dropped Kansas City QB Alex Smith for a loss of 7 yards at the Chiefs’ 48-yard line, he was running down from within the 10-yard line, and decided to start turning and dancing as the crowd was cheering. Rookie LB Khalil Mack joined the fun and was slapping hands with the player a few times, then two more teammates also decided to party.

However, there was a problem, as while Oakland celebrated, Kansas City went back to the scrimmage line, almost making a snap and getting a free play for themselves, when a timeout was called by Raiders DE Justin Tuck.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Woodson. “That was the first time I had ever seen somebody celebrate for a whole 40-second clock. That was ridiculous, and they know it. I told Sio he’s lucky we got the win because we really probably would’ve had to fight, and I would’ve seen exactly what kind of fighter he is.”

This point became very debatable after the ball was turned over by the Chiefs on downs, and Oakland were able to hold on to a win, putting an end to their losing streak of 16 games. However, Woodson said that if this whole issue on the field would have ended in a different way, Oakland’s locker room would have seen plenty of problems, and now live betting services are just glad that nothing happened in the game for there to be trouble between the players.

Perhaps the comment made by Woodson was meant to be a joke, but the player appeared to be annoyed.

Moore was apologetic after the meeting took place, and many fans believe that this was the least that the player could do after this mess.

“I was so caught up in the moment, man,” said Moore. “That was an error I’ve got to make sure I clean up.”

The Raiders’ fans were very relieved to know that the team wasn’t set back after the player’s celebration on the field, and hopefully something like this won’t happen again.