Brett Favre to enter the Packers’ Hall of Fame

This year, Green Bay’s one and only Brett Favre will go back to Lambeau Field so he can be welcomed into the team’s Hall of Fame and have the Packers retire his No. 4 jersey, and live betting services saw that on Monday, the QB made an announcement about his plans on his website.

The former Packers QB said that he’s “truly looking forward to celebrating and sharing this special moment with all of the great fans of the Green Bay Packers.”

Favre didn’t say when the ceremony is scheduled to happen, and many fans would really like to find out.

“I’m pleased to announce that I will be returning to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2015 for induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and retirement of my jersey,” said Favre.

The NFL legend, who was an MVP on three occasions and very famous with NFL fans, was with Green Bay for 16 seasons, and when it comes to passing yards he’s unrivaled in the league. In Green Bay, Favre was a huge favorite before 2008, when he retired, but months after this, the player made a comeback, which led to him being traded to the Jets.

Favre was playing with the Jets for a season before he joined the ranks of the Vikings – the Packers’ rivals in the division – for a couple of years. However, tension between Green Bay and Favre eased off since he retired from the league after the season of 2010, and the former player said it sees his induction into the Packers’ hall of fame is a “a special honor”.

“It was a tremendous honor to play 16 years for the Green Bay Packers,” said Favre.

“Now to have my name placed among others such as Starr, Hornung, Kramer, Taylor, Lambeau, Nitschke, Lombardi, Davis, White and Hutson is a special honor that I share with all of my teammates and coaches, and that would not have been possible but for the foresight of Ron Wolf, the greatest GM in the history of the NFL.”

NFL fans are very well aware of the huge influence that Favre had with the Packers and in the sport in general, and live betting services believe that his introduction in the team’s hall of fame is very well deserved after an amazing career in the NFL.