Aaron Rodgers believes that this Packers team could be bound for greatness

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers won’t say that the Packers team that he’s been playing for is the best one so far, even though many fans and live betting services believe that their win on Sunday over the Patriots could be a sign that they’ll become favorites for the Super Bowl.

“Hopefully we’ll look back and say this was our best team to date,” said the QB. “But that will only be the case if we can take it all the way.”

The Packers’ record of 9-3 is tied for the league’s best, alongside the Eagles, Broncos, Patriots, and Cardinals. Nobody could take them out at home, as they’re unbeaten – 60-0 – at Lambeau Field, where they’re set to face Atlanta next Monday night.

Maybe the QB was being careful due to the fact that the teams with the top records for whom he started for – dating back to 2008 – were not able to make it very far when it came to the playoffs. The Packers team that ended up winning Super Bowl XLV was then 8-6, having two weeks of action, and they had to win the last two games of the regular season so they could get a spot for the wild-card games.

“In 2010 we went to the Super Bowl, and then the next year felt like we were a better team and didn’t win,” said Rodgers, who had a birthday on Tuesday that saw him turn 31. “We lost in the first game of the playoffs. But the best teams are talented teams that are very tightly knit, have great chemistry and play well together and have a combination of solid veteran players and young guys who have a hunger that kind of inspires the rest of the team.”

Coach Mike McCarthy said that now Green Bay are “clearly our most consistent football team in my nine years here,” something that the QB seemed to be in complete agreement with.

“This is an exciting team because you can see the pieces coming together,” said Rodgers. “You see the defense playing great, and the offensive line dominating the way they’ve been dominating, and it makes it a lot of fun.”

The Packers’ fans and live betting services can see how much this team was able to beat the odds so far this season, and many believe that they have the chance to clinch the NFL’s most coveted prize.