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Live Betting Services: No Sports in the Recent News

Live betting services may be talking about the NBA playoffs, but what’s really on everybody’s minds is the recent events involving cannibalism throughout the United States, and apparently the rest of the world.

First readers were shocked to learn of the case of Rudy Eugene, found by Miami police naked and chewing on the face of Ronald Poppo, also naked. Police told Eugene to stop but he continued, so one shot was fired at him. When that shot failed to slow him down, the policeman then fired several more shots killing him. Now Poppo lays in critical condition in hospital, with what has been described as the worst case of mutilation doctors have ever seen.

Pay per head companies hope that Mr. Poppo will somehow find peace after his harrowing experience.

The next story moves us to Maryland where Alexander Kinyua was being held without bail after admitting on Thursday to killing and partially eating his housemate, Kujoe Agyei-Kodie.  The Morgan State student was actually described by a professor as docile.

How could two people that have been described as quiet and sweet for Eugene, and docile for Kinyua, all of a sudden commit such horrendous acts?

This Thursday also brought a report of a Swedish professor who cut off his wife’s lips and ate them after believing that his younger wife was having an affair.

He apparently felt that she deserved the infliction after insulting him.

The man, from Iran, was doing post-Doctoral research at the institute in 2010 and is now employed by a university in Tehran, but still lives between both countries.

Canada has taken the spotlight in the recent attacks in which a male model apparently killed his boyfriend, cut up his body and sent parts to the ruling Conservative political party. A severed foot was received by the party, whilst a hand was stopped by police at a mail processing center.

The supposed gay porn actor, Luka Magnotta, has been linked to other disturbing images online, and now police believe him to be in Paris, France after several sightings have been reported.

Live betting services can only hope that the madness has stopped, and price per head companies can get back to doing what they do best. Gambling and not snacking on our friends.

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