Live Betting: Florida State could give Clemson plenty of problems

Georgia BulldogsTodd Gurley and the Georgia Bulldogs gave Clemson a very good pounding in Week 1. The Tigers and their Live betting sites fans were not very happy at all with the suffering they put up with, as the team decided to release their deep frustration by giving South Carolina State a very heavy beating. The Tigers were able to score 73 points and recorded 735 total offensive yards in a 73-7 trouncing. But it’s safe to think that things will be much different when they take on Florida State.

Clemson has some hope, as QB Cole Stoudt should be able to get the confidence – or at least some of it – that he lost in his upsetting debut where he produced16-for-29, 144-yards when his team took on Georgia after he made a proper outing of 300 yards against South Carolina State and their own Bulldogs, who proved to be much less aggressive.

The Tigers’ running game, which in Week 1 was cut short to only two yards a carry, also bounced back, as on 51 carries they made 268 yards with four TD’s scored. Clemson’s success on the ground could be comparable when they take on a Florida State defense that allowed three rushing TD’s against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Week 1 and 250 rushing yards against a weak Citadel.

However, if the Tigers want to turn this game into a competitive one, its defense must seriously intensify and give Jameis Winston plenty of pressure. The talent necessary for this to happen is definitely there with Vic Beasley, who is considered by many to be the country’s top pass rusher. Grady Jarrett could also be crucial in the game.

The Seminoles’ offense was not nearly as strong as it was last season. If Clemson, with the invaluable help of Beasley, are able to get to Winston early on, they could take Florida State right out of their offensive rhythm.

So far this season, Florida State were able to win their two games played with only 31 points scored, which include a very passive 37-12 win over Citadel at home.

In this upcoming game, one thing is for certain: Florida State will not miss anything in the motivation department, as a division rival will visit their turf in Tallahassee.

So far Jameis Winston did not perform nearly as well as he did when he hit the field last season, but in the first two games that he played he was still able to prove his abilities – and very well – with 9.3 yards per each pass attempt and a pass completion of 70%. So yes, he still has it.

Even as the Tigers put plenty of pressure last season on the player, Winston recorded 444 yards and three TD’s in what many fans believe was the best game of his amazing 2013 season away against Clemson. For the matchup this year, what could be the country’s best offensive line will be protecting the player – which should again silence of the Tigers’ defense.

Perhaps it will take a miracle to defeat the Seminoles at their own turf. Florida State are undefeated in their last 14 games played at home. Against Clemson they’re also 9-1 all-time in their territory, and many Live betting fans can’t imagine the Tigers taking out the Seminoles in their own den.