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Live Betting: Allen is in no rush to make a decision on his future

Ray AllenBookmakers dealing with Live betting found out Ray Allen is in no rush to decide whether he’ll continue playing in the NBA, saying that he would be “content” if he retires.

In a recent interview with the Hartford Courant, Allen, who was in high demand this offseason and is very famous with bookmakers around the world, stressed that he is not committed to returning to the NBA for a 19th season.

“My family is very important in making the decision,” Allen told the Courant. “Right now, there is nothing that I need to do. If I ultimately decide this will be it for me, I’m content with that.”

Last month, the Boston Globe reported that the player is leaning toward joining former Miami Heat teammates Mike Miller and LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers, something that many fans that enjoy Live betting would like to see happen.

However, bookmakers learned that Allen told the Courant that he is in no hurry towards making his decision.

“I’m not in any rush,” he said. “I’ve played 18 years, and the way I look at my career, I’m content with everything that I’ve done. I just want to take this summer and see how it goes.”

Sport bookies know that this past season, the 10-time All-Star, who last month turned 39, was a vital bench contributor for Miami, with an average of 9.6 points, and was able to shoot 37.5 percent from 3-point range.

Allen spoke about the negative and positive aspects of continuing his career in the league, and bookmakers saw that the player’s fans, especially those who enjoy Live betting, were paying close attention to what he had to say.

“To continue playing, really, the only argument is I can because I’m in great shape,” Allen said. “But just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. Many people over these last couple of weeks have lobbied for me to continue to play.

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“My argument for not playing is, I have done a significant amount in my career and I appreciate everything that has come my way and as I’ve gotten older — I’m 39 — there are so many things in life I want to be able to do to affect change, like being around kids full time, which I enjoy. So at this point I just feel so good about where I am.”

Sport bookies all over the world will see what the future holds for Allen, and fans everywhere that enjoy Live betting will also be on the lookout.

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