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LeBron James isn’t over it

LeBron James sorry about loss the championshipLeBron is still bummed about the Cavs finals lost, “It hurt to lose, and I’m still in a little funk right now, but I’m trying to work my way out of it,” he expressed these sentiments in a video for Bleacher Report per pay per head sportsbook. James addressed the Cavs fans saying he was “not happy with the way it closed out,” he was pleased with the effort shown by his teammates last season. ”

The Cavs, who are the odds on favorites to win next year, are at 5/2 per price per head provider. “You know, for a team that’s first getting together, in our first year to be able to reach the Finals — not saying I’m happy with the results, but I’m proud of our guys,” James said. “Just the growth that they had from the first day we walked in the gym to the other day, us losing, I’m proud of the guys and what they was able to accomplish.”

He expressed no regrets to coming back to his home. This with the anniversary of his announcement, soon on the horizon He has taken the responsibility on himself to bring a title to his beloved Cleveland. “Being back home is everything that I dreamed of, everything that I thought about,” he said. “Being back with these fans, being back with this community, just being back here and trying to bring joy to this city, which deserves it. Bringing a sense of pride to this city, which deserves it. Giving this city something to talk about, which they deserve.”

It’s only normal to be sad after all the sacrifice for the team this year. It must have defiantly token a toll on his body. He got there with a very underwhelming cast of misfits. He was the man, basically on both teams.

“Hopefully I can put our team in position once again to try to compete for a championship next year and year in and year out,” he said. “That’s my goal, and my inspiration hasn’t changed.”

I for one believe he can do it at least for the next 3-5 years. He takes great care of his body as Dwayne Wade mentioned numerous times on the NBA Finals broadcast, and has been a physical presence since coming into the league. The guy is a bad, bad man. The league is his and nobody’s going to stop him.

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