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LB Aldon Smith will pay to play in the NFL

LB Aldon Smith will pay to play in the NFLMany NFL fans love the sport to such a degree that they would not mind playing for free in the NFL. However, there seems to be one exception to this, and it comes in the form of 49ers LB Aldon Smith, who will actually pay to play in the league, and many sportsbooks offering online bookmaking solutions were scratching their heads when they learned about this.

This week, the player is eligible to go back to the ranks of the 49ers after he ended up being banned for nine meetings. Now, many fans are still in a state of disbelief, as he will turn into a rare “gem” in the sport. Smith will possibly make NFL history when he turns into a player who could very well be the only one since the league’s foundation to actually pay for playing football in the league.

After he served his lengthy suspension, he will be paid $1.099 million this 2014 season, and $525,000 is the net pay following taxes. Sources reported that this season, San Francisco will end up taking all of those funds from the game checks that he gets due to money currently owed by the player for having signed bonus forfeiture.

However, sources also reported that Smith will fall short, as everything that he’s set to make this season simply won’t cover everything that he owes the team, so the 49ers will claim $661,000 from his earnings after the end of the season.

The suspension that he got was not reduced to see him play for the 49ers on Sunday’s game against the Saints – where San Francisco won 27-24. His fans were expecting to see a reduction in his ban from the sport, but unfortunately for many, that didn’t happen because even though the famous LB did more than what was ordered in community services, he was not able to satisfy his obligations when it came to his counseling protocol, as reported by sources.

Many fans were obviously very disappointed that the player’s suspension wasn’t reduced, but they believe that now Smith will only have one very important thing to worry about, and that would be the game itself. Many experts providing online bookmaking solutions know that Smith having to pay to play is by no means a common occurrence, but as long as he does a good a job on the field and stays away from trouble, he should return to making money in the NFL.

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