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Kyrie Irving out for rest of finals

Kyrie Irving fractured kneecap and is out for rest of the NBA finalsPicture this Kyrie Irving was laughing, his father, Drederick, was joking around with LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul. His agent, Jeff Wechsler, was smiling.
“I’m just trying to keep a smile on my face,” Drederick told me on his way out of Oracle Arena. “Just trying to think positive.” Price Per Head Provider now has them at 16/5.

This is the mind set after the devastating news. I have to commend them for putting on a straight face through all the misfortune to the young stud. The athlete always knows his body best and he was visibly shaken after his left knee buckled in a noncontact play with two minutes left in Game 1.

“You can hear in the tone of my voice that I’m a little worried,” Irving said, as he sat at his locker. His knee was too painful to put weight on, so he had to limp badly into the shower. But when he was offered crutches and a hand with his bag, he fought it.

This team was assembled on the fly and to be fighting for the championship in LeBron’s first year back and through mid season trade is a testament to James greatness and the team’s ability to adapt to the situation at hand. When they lost Kevin Love many called it a lost cause for Cleveland. Tristan Thompson has stepped in Love’s presence and has actually carved out a niche for himself as an NBA rebounder and bruiser. I love his high motor and believe he is actually a better fit.

Irving going through an injury himself tried to give it a go and looked spry at the outset of Game 1, but then the injury bug reared its ugly head again. This time it bit Irving for good. Many players come back early from injuries only to reinjure and further damage themselves, Irving is no exception.

“It’s just about the drive to be great,” Irving told McMenamin, when asked why the movie had resonated with him so much. “It’s awesome.”

Irving had to adjust to LeBron coming back even though he was the one that held down the fort when James bolted. So it was an adjustment that a young budding star must do and concede to King James. All in all Irving must be happy with what has transpired because even though he’s out he’s still got a shot to be champion.

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