Kevin Durant to be sidelined again after minor procedure

Kevin DurantThunder GM Sam Presti said that Kevin Durant had a minor procedure done on his right foot. Pay per head sportsbooks are well aware this problem, and they hope that this time around the player will fully heal.

The player had the procedure done for discomfort and pain in his operated foot to be reduced, and in a week’s time he’s set to be examined again. The player is expected to return to action when the regular season gets underway.

“There’s no new injury that’s been created,” said Presti. “It’s just a matter of discomfort.”

In October, Durant’s right foot was operated for a Jones fracture, and Presti said that his fracture is getting better. However, a screw that was placed in his fifth metatarsal when the initial surgery was done is having friction with the cuboid bone, located in another part, which causes the foot to feel uncomfortable and sore.

“Some pain in or around that cuboid bone is not unusual,” said Presti. “It’s actually somewhat expected during the recovery process. But in Kevin’s case, it wasn’t scaling down the level we had anticipated or the level the physicians had anticipated. So the next step would be to look at some other alternatives, which led us to this procedure.”

Another screw was implanted in Durant’s foot for the pain to lessen.

“The good news is that the fracture itself is healing excellently and from what the doctors conveyed to us we continue to feel very good about the prognosis moving forward,” said Presti. “But in the short term, as he’s continued to have this discomfort we wanted to determine the best way to alleviate it while still promoting the healing of the initial injury.”

It was pretty clear that the player was in pain a couple of weeks ago in a game against the Grizzlies, and he was trying to make through the match. However, he had ongoing pain, and the team was looking for ways to take care of this.

“Most important to note here is the initial injury is progressing as anticipated and now what we’re waiting to see is how the soreness is able to be accommodated,” said Presti. “We do anticipate him being able to play during the regular season and then move forward.”

On Sunday, Durant didn’t feature for his 29th meeting, which was a win of 119-94 over the Nuggets, after he only missed a total of 16 matches during the first seven years that he played in the league.

The 26-year-old forward didn’t play in the first six weeks as he was healing from his initial operation, then pay per head sportsbooks saw that in December he missed a couple of weeks due to a sprained right ankle, as well as four meetings in January due to a a sprain in his left foot’s big toe.

In 27 matches this season, Durant recorded an average of 25.4 points, 64.1 assists, as well as 6 rebounds.