Kaepernick’s penalty to be discussed by the league

Colin kaepernickSources reported that the NFL will make a decision on whether the penalty that the 49ers’Colin Kaepernick got was a fair one, and if the player really used inappropriate language against an opponent in his team’s loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday night. Sports software services can see how controversial this problem is proving to be, and would like to see what the NFL will ultimately decide to do.

On Tuesday, the league will evaluate what happened on the field with Kaepernick during its weekly officiating video review, and many fans would like to see what their final say on this matter will be.

“I didn’t say anything,” the player said after the 49ers lost to the Bears 28-20, in which fumble was lost and three interceptions were thrown by the player. Late in the game, Kaepernick was given a penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior after “inappropriate language” was used by him.

Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 49ers, said that nothing was overheard by him from the sidelines.

In his media conference that took place on Monday, coach Harbaugh reiterated that he wasn’t given an explanation on the player’s penalty, which led to speculation that Kaepernick made a racial comment on the field, and the coach said he would like to see the NFL clarify their position .

“Yeah, we’d like that,” said the coach. “Find out about that.”

IDSca agents were very surprised when they saw that on Sunday night, San Francisco ended up getting 16 flags for penalties, which proved to be a record set for a single game under the coach’s tenure, and the team tied for the second-most penalties received in the league since 2011. Now many fans of the 49ers hope that these problems don’t continue to affect the team this season.

Many fans know that this isn’t the first time that Kaepernick has been in the news due to alleged controversial conduct, and they hope that he keeps a low profile for the rest of the season, as there’s no way that the player’s problems can benefit the team.