Johnny Manziel will start at QB for the Browns

Johnny Manziel will start for Browns vs. BengalsSources reported that rookie QB Johnny Manziel is set to make the first start of his career for the Browns when they take on the Bengals on Sunday. The team’s fans and live betting services believe that change of QB is definitely needed for the team, and Johnny ‘Football’ could very well be the one to help the Browns have a better end to the season .

The team spoke to Brian Hoyer and Manziel about their decision. This season, Hoyer was the starter in the Browns’ first 13 meetings.

Earlier on Tuesday, Fox Sports reported the Browns’ decision to have Manziel start for the team.

Mike Pettine, the team’s coach, said that he was considering a change of quarterback when he spoke on Monday during a press conference, and this took place one day after the QB was struggling in a game were the Colts beat the Browns.

On November 30, Johnny ‘Football’ took the place of Hoyer when the team took on the Bills, as the starter did not prove to be very efficient at all, to the disappointment of many fans. Manziel was able to arrange an 80-yard TD drive, a feat that many experts believe showed the player’s potential in the league.

That drive greatly impressed Pettine and fans alike, but he also admitted that a prevent defense was being played by Buffalo, and also mentioned that the sequence was not really a true test of what the player could have faced when the team took on the Colts.
In the last 29 series played by Hoyer, he was only able to arrange one drive for a TD. He did a very good job for the team starting the year, as he was able to lead Cleveland to a record of 7-4, but he QB had plenty of struggles in the team’s last five meetings, something that was very evident.

On Sunday, Hoyer finished the team’s 25-24 loss to Indianapolis after he completed 14 out of 31 pass attempts made for 140 yards and two picks.

Cleveland acquired the services of a 21-year-old Manziel out of Texas A&M with the 22nd overall pick in the draft this year. Live betting services saw that in 2012, the player was able to win the Heisman Trophy while playing for the Aggies, and now many fans wonder how he’ll continue to perform for the Bears.