Jimbo Fisher agrees to a new contract with Florida State

New contract for Jimbo Fisher with Florida StateOn Tuesday, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher agreed to a new deal of eight years through the season of 2022, and according to the school, he will turn into one of the coaches with the top salaries in the nation, something that pay per head bookmaking companies don’t find very surprising at all, considering how far he was able to lead the team.

The terms of the salary not yet been released, but sources reported that details on a deal are a work in progress. The contract has a value of about $5.5 million a year, according to sources

“I am pleased that we have been able to secure Coach Fisher as our head coach for the long term,” said Stan Wilcox, athletic director. “The commitment we are making to him is a reflection of the outstanding job he has done in leading our program to its current level of excellence. While we are delighted with the undefeated season this year and our upcoming appearance in the inaugural College Football Playoff, we began working on this new contract before the success of this past season was in full view. It is a great day for Florida State.”

Last season, Fisher, who was able to go 58-10 in the five seasons that he spent with the Seminoles, got a new deal after Florida State was taken to college football’s national championship, and his salary went up to the payment range of $4 million.

“I am honored to be the head coach at Florida State University, which I’ve said many times before,” said the coach. “I appreciate that FSU believes in what we are doing and supports our goal of maintaining one of the best programs in the country. It is a privilege to coach the young men in our program. It is truly a family.

“Florida State is a very special place. I appreciate the support of the administration in accomplishing some great things. We have improved in a number of areas over the years, and the commitment to providing the very best in academics, facilities and maturation and growth opportunities for our young men has been key to our success. I look forward to continuing to build on what we are establishing.”

The coach was able to lead the Seminoles to three consecutive championships in the ACC as well as 29 wins in a row, and pay per head bookmaking companies can see that he has Florida State in place to win a second consecutive title in the country,

The Seminoles are set to take on the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl on the 1st of January. Whoever wins this meeting will take on the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Ohio State Buckeyes in a bid to clinch the national title on the 12th of January.