Jim Harbaugh isn’t concerned about what the future has in store for him

Jim Harbaugh-49ersJim Harbaugh, the 49ers’ very famous coach, spoke with the media for the very first time since the team’s 19-3 loss at home to the Seahawks on Thursday night, when he was asked if he believed that his future at Levi’s Stadium is at risk, something that bookmaker software services are seriously wondering about.

“I really, I don’t worry about my future,” the coach said on Monday. “I haven’t participated in any of that speculation. I just, I think I have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future.”

Many fans saw that there were quite a few reports saying that the coach could move elsewhere if San Francisco – a team that is currently 7-5 – happens to not make it to the postseason – with one year left in his contract worth $25 million, running for five years.

“It’s our job to move on without excuse, without apology and get it right. Make it right. That’s our intentions.”

And that’s what a lot of team’s fans believe: That they should simply move on, but with a winning mentality – never giving in to smugness.

It wasn’t Harbaugh – CEO Jed York was the one who sent the tweet apologizing after the embarrassing loss last week. And it was GM Trent Baalke who issued an apology about his daughter’s tweet calling for the firing of OC Greg Roman.

In the meantime, Harbaugh refused to say whether or not he had a word with York regarding the note sent through social media, and many fans could see the confusion and controversy surrounding these tweets.

“To me, that’s not significant,” said Harbaugh, who for reasons that some fans might find obvious wasn’t wearing his 49ers’ cap. “What’s significant is we move on without excuse and get it right. Make it right. That’s our jobs.”

The coach said after being asked about York a few more times, “I kind of think some of these questions are for your own pleasure.”

On Sunday, San Francisco are set to take on Oakland, and rumors abound saying that next season Harbaugh could turn into the Raiders’ coach. Will this happen? Well right now there’s a big question mark hovering over this. However, many experts and bookmaker software services are pretty sure that he’ll end up somewhere in the league, as his talent as a coach simply cannot be denied.