Jerry Jones expects to see Romo play for the Cowboys in London

Tony RomoThis week, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, looks forward to having his starting QB when his team faces the Jaguars in London, in a game that many true live betting fans will not want to miss.

Even though Romo wasn’t able to take on Arizona on Sunday due to an injury to the back, Jones believes that he’ll play in the game at Wembley Stadium.

“I do see him playing,” said Jones. “He’s going on the trip to London, and logic tells you that we wouldn’t have him make that trip to London and back if we didn’t think he was going to play, so it does depend on the type of week he has at practice. But if he has the week we expect, he should be our quarterback.”

The comments made by Jones confirm earlier reports saying that unless there are any setbacks – which many fans seriously hope won’t be the case – the player would be the Cowboys’ starting QB when their game against the Jaguars gets underway in England.

The player originally suffered an injury on October 27 after he was hit on his back with a knee when Dallas lost to Washington on overtime, and there were worries about how bad his injury was.

Many fans were concerned when they saw the player leave the game shortly before he returned late during the meeting’s fourth quarter. Later, it was revealed that the QB’s transverse process suffered two fractures, and he ended up being put on the questionable list for the game between the Cardinals and the Cowboys.

On Sunday morning, the team ruled out Romo for the meeting. The Cowboy’s offense was seriously struggling under center with backup QB Brandon Weeden. In the team’s 28-17 loss, he was able to throw for 183 yards as well as two interceptions that turned out to be a disaster.

Regarding Romo, the Cowboys were concerned over how his back would do in an eight hour flight to London, and so were some of the team’s fans, but many are confident that he should have no problems.

“He’ll be in one of those chairs you can stretch out in,” said the coach.

The Cowboys’ true live betting fans are looking forward to real showdown in London when the Cowboys take on the Jaguars, and seriously hope that Romo’s back can hold up for that very long flight across the ocean.