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Is It Advisable To Choose The Cheapest Pay Per Head Service Provider?

“Is it cheap?” “Does it fit my budget?” “Is it worth it?” These are the most common questions of an aspiring online bookie. Once a bookie decides to start venturing the online bookmaking operation, one of the things they check first is the price. Hundreds of service providers offer pay per head services at different price points. Indeed, it is too tempting to settle for the cheapest ones as you think it is a wise choice in case it fails. Well, of course, the first time can get a little bit scary; however, you have no choice but to take a risk in the business world. But the real question is, is choosing the cheapest pay per head service provider the wisest choice?

Every established bookie knows how choosing a pay per head service can either make or break your online bookie business. It is that crucial. That is why, in this article, you will find the answer to the question by discussing three main points that aspiring bookies should remember while deciding. It pays to be knowledgeable about this before you have even started your online betting business to avoid further challenges once you kick-off your operation.

Three Reason Why The Cheapest Pay per Head Service Is Not Worth It

  • Cheap does not mean good. 

When there is online promotion of a product you have been dreaming of having, you purchase it thinking you have saved a lot of money as the product is on sale. However, as soon as you received the package, you realized it was not the product you hoped of receiving. You get disappointed with the quality as it was not the same as the original. The worst part is, it only lasted for a few days as it made up of not sturdy material. This kind of scenario is the example of a cliche statement – “you get what you pay for.” 

If you choose the cheapest pay per head service provider, there is no doubt you will encounter a similar experience. In your case, as a bookie, you will most likely lose a lot of money. Yes, you saved a lot of money for choosing the cheapest pay per head; however, your costs doubled when you have to deal with the losses due to the poor service offered. It does not mean you have to choose the most expensive, but there is one aspect that you have to take into consideration, which is the next point. 

cheapest pay per head service

  • Prioritize checking the quality of services offered than the price. 

Establishing an online bookie business is tough without the help of the right pay per head service provider. The price is not the end of it all. What matters the most is the quality of services offered by the pay per head service. You have to ensure that the pay per head provides the best online sportsbook software with a secure and safe website network. Moreover, quality customer service support should be a priority in choosing the right pay per head since they handle the operations 24/7. IDSCA offers a team of well-trained, multilingual, competent customer service professionals to assist the bookie in dealing with the players with concerns and queries. 

Aside from this, IDSCA has a variety of online betting options for the players. IDSCA provides online casino games, racebook, e-sports, live betting, among the few. Players love to choose the bookie website with the most choice! IDSCA may not be one of the cheapest pay per head service providers; however, they offer a reasonable pay per head price with a guarantee quality service. You can never doubt this. Why? Read the last and final point. 

  • Check how long is the pay per head website is in the sports betting industry.  

Several service providers just recently started its operation when the online betting industry became a hit. There is nothing wrong with a newly established pay per head, but the question is, how reliable are they? The best and wise choice is choosing the company who has been in the sports betting industry for a long time! It is no other than IDSCA. 

IDSCA, or International Data Solutions, has been in the business since 1997. Over the last 23 years, IDSCA has proven the quality services it offers to aspiring bookies who entrusted them their bookie business. How is this possible? Well, IDSCA is sincerely looking after the growth of your bookie business. Therefore, they do not stop themselves from providing the quality service you deserve! Imagine not having to worry too much about not looking after some tedious tasks because a professional team got it all for you? You may think it is just a fantasy, but it is possible with IDSCA. 

The main point of this all is, the cheapest pay per head service provider is not the right option for you. Remember quality over quantity. The right pay per head for you is the best one, and that is IDSCA!

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