Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans Game Betting Analysis

Indianapolis Colts-2014Local bookies saw that the Colts made a very good recovery from a start of 0-2, after they were defeated by the Broncos and Eagles, winning the last three games that they played. The Colts, after giving a huge pounding to the Jaguars and Titans, beat a team that is worthy of the payoffs when they took down the Ravens 20-13 last Sunday at home. Indianapolis went to 4-1 ATS after that recent victory.

The Colts did not perform perfectly – or anything near perfect – but they were able to win the game even though QB Andrew Luck was not at his best at all. Two of the Colts’ four turnovers were made thanks to the player, but he was still able to throw for 312 yards and a 14th TD, leading the league.

The Colts’ defense and their running game were what saved the QB. Indianapolis rushed for 117 yards when they took on a Ravens front seven that proved to be a real force to reckon with, while their defense had their season’s best game so far, as they were able to limit Baltimore to 287 total yards and 13 points – their lowest this season.

Against the run, Indianapolis have a current ranking of 11th place, even though it didn’t go against amazing running attacks, as the Broncos, Eagles, and Jaguars are at the bottom five when it comes to rushing. Now, the Colts will have to be at the top of their game when they face Arian Foster, the Texans’ dangerous RB.

The Colts’ offense and Luck are able to help the defense if early in the game they can get in front. This season, Indianapolis made some very big leads. In the team’s last four meetings, they were able to outscore their adversaries in the first half at 73-19.

The Texans can do a great job on the field if Arian Foster is in good health and performing like he should. The RB, who was inactive when the Giants beat the Texans, was limited due to a hamstring problem when the team took on Buffalo, but last Sunday, the player was on fire when they faced Dallas, as he rushed for 157 yards and two TD’s in what ended up being a loss of 20-17 on overtime, and on the road.

If Foster plays more, there’s less to do for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, which is fine by Houston. In the last two weeks, Fitzpatrick threw 34 and 37 without the services of Foster, and the result was 2 TD’s against 5 interceptions, something that disappointed many fans.

But there should be worries regarding the workload that Foster has. In carries, the player is still fifth place in the league, even after he basically missed two clashes. As Houston have a pretty short week, many fans are worried that Foster, who already suffered some damage, may not be at his best when Thursday night arrives. However, the player is still the team’s best chance to take out Indianapolis.

The game will have to be kept close by Houston’s defense, and they’ll have to keep the Colts and Luck from being able to score. So far, the Texans’ defense did very well with this, as their opponents were limited to under 17 points in each game played. And even though 324 yards were surrendered to Cowboys QB Tony Romo, the player was full of praise for Houston’s defense, saying that it was the best he saw so far this season.

When it came to forcing turnovers, local bookies saw that the Texans’ defense was also great. With the team’s two fumble recoveries and one interception made on Romo, there are 12 takeaways – seven made from fumbles and five INT’s – for Houston so far this season, which happens to be the most made in the league. This season, Luck was able to throw six picks, while Indianapolis he fumbled on three occasions when they took on Baltimore, so the chance for Houston to possess the ball more often will definitely be there when they face the Colts.