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How does the Brady decision affect the Patriots?

the PatriotsNew England fans celebrated a big victory yesterday that nearly felt like another Super Bowl win. Tom Brady will not have to serve a four game suspension once the NFL 2015 season begins, and this has already begun to send shockwaves along the per head sportsbook world. Tom Brady’s presence commanding the Pats offense will definitely affect their odds and revitalize the World Champs status as favorites to reach the Super Bowl this season.

During the Preseason, the Patriots were bracing themselves and preparing for the possible scenario where their starting Quarterback and the team’s most recognizable player. Jimmy Garoppolo took the field and had the eyes of the entire league on him every single moment that he was on the field. After some rough patches the per head sportsbook universe, were starting to doubt whether the Patriots will manage to start the season with a positive record.

However, the Patriots did a smart thing, during the preseason instead of focusing entirely on Garoppolo, they gave Brady a chance to get in the game for couple of minutes at a time to get ready in case the suspension might have been cleared. Brady is in playing form and he showed that during the preseason. Per head sportsbook enthusiasts should know that having Brady start will automatically increase the odds in favor of the Pats.

With Brady being cleared of the suspension the Patriots become more powerful and thus, the front runners to win the Super Bowl by all bookie services. Their morale will be sky-high once the season begins and they will want to shut down all naysayers and critics to their organization. It will be very interesting to see how it will affect them in general once they take the field on their season opener.

The Patriots offence will absolutely benefit from Brady’s inclusion to the roster. However it remains to be seen how will this affect Jimmy Garoppolo. He will return to his spot as a back up QB for the best QB in the league, having spent months in the center of the spotlight. Furthermore, it might be detrimental to his psyche as a player now that he is back to where he started. But, this time being forced to step into the limelight and receiving extra focus by the Patriots’ coaching staff could probably help him improve his game and set a mark for future inclusions throughout the season.

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