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How did Winston and Mariota do on their debuts?

Jameis Winston NFL starting seasonThe two top rookies this season Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota have gotten a lot of attention during the off season and there was plenty of anticipation by football fans everywhere. They are expecting to make an impact on their respective teams and pay per head agents are looking at their performance closely to see how it will affect their respective team’s chances for the upcoming season. Although for the both of them the first game was a tough one, it is just the beginning for both on what is going to be perhaps the biggest challenge of their careers.

Of the two Quarterbacks, Mariota was reported by the media surrounding the Tennessee Titans to having a great training camp, displaying the virtues that earned him the attention of all the NFL teams during his college career. But his first outing as a Titan was a rough one. He fumbled the ball twice, with one fumbled returned for a touchdown, and he threw an interception. It is just his first game in the NFL, but it was a rough start to say the least.

Jameis Winston, also had a rough start, but his was a little better than Mariota’s. However, his debut was not stellar or Earth shattering. While he did manage to score a touchdown by rushing, his passing game was off and was 9 for 19 on passes and turning the ball over in an interception. However, his performance wasn’t all that bad. Is just that considering how much is expect from Winston, there is a lot of room for improvement.

However, please note that nowhere in this article we have used the adjective “disappointing” for either two of these young players. The main reason for that is that in both games both QBs had the chance to show glimpses of their talent and were enough to demonstrate that they have the potential to become the leaders their team need right now.

However they still have a long way to go, and price per head agents are not likely going to place the Bucs and the Titans to be favorites to excel on their respective division. Both players have exciting and bright futures ahead of them. Currently they need to take it step by step, one game at a time, it would be very unfair to pretend for them to set the league on fire on their rookie season.

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