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Fisher didn’t interpret Jackson’s tweets in any way

There was still a big question mark and plenty of speculation regarding the mysterious Twitter comments by Phil Jackson. Price per head sportsbooks and many fans were left wondering about what he meant with his tweets, and maybe one day they’ll find out.

On Sunday, Smith connected with Shumpert to make a very impressive alley-oop which the former players for the Knicks — who last month were traded to the Cavaliers — and James celebrated, as during the 4th quarter, being down 30 points, New York decided to call for a timeout.

Phil Jackson a.k.a. the “Zen Master” ,is very well known for using tactics to motivate his men, which include giving a player a book to read so he can improve his game. Fisher was asked by the media if Jackson was trying to say something in particular with the following tweets:

“Phil Jackson ✔ @PhilJackson11
Each NBA game is an opportunity for players to show their “best” nature and please the basketball gods…and those who know what
10:01 PM – 22 Feb 2015

“Phil Jackson ✔ @PhilJackson11
Today’s game vs Cavs gave bb gods heartburn and those that know what “it” takes/means a smh.
10:03 PM – 22 Feb 2015

Fisher told reporters that this question should be asked to Jeanie Buss – the coach’s fiancée and president of the Lakers.

“You guys should call Jeanie and ask her about that,” said Fisher. “She knows him much better than any of us do. I think Phil, he says things that’s on his mind. Sometimes it can be cryptic and there’s a message in it. Sometimes it’s just what he’s saying.

“I think he enjoys how everybody spends all of this time trying to figure it out. May not mean much at all. That’s always been a part of his nature even as a coach. I think as a player, people enjoy the kind of maverick/free spirit side of him. That’s not necessarily going to change just because he’s an executive.”

This would be the seventh game in a row lost by the Knicks – to the disappointment of many fans and price per head sportsbooks. The last two times that the team lost were by 24 points to the Heat and 18 to the Cavaliers.

“Well, yeah, we’re beyond frustration,” said Fisher. “But it’s a requirement to find a renewed sense of purpose to every day. … We can’t predict how many more games we may or may not win. But you should be able to predict how hard you’re going to try at it. That’s one thing we should all be able to predict with 100 percent certainty.

“And I think [if the Knicks don’t do that], that’s what anybody can question what I’m doing, what players are doing; what Phil means by what he’s saying is if you’re questioning whether or not a guy is really giving everything he has at a 100 percent level. I think our guys are, but that’s not an easy thing to do night in and night out, especially when you’re losing.”

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