Eric Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin disease

Eric Berry, Chiefs safetyEric Berry, Chiefs safety who’s very famous in the NFL world for his skills on the field, has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the player is set to start chemotherapy for the disease, leaving fans and bookmaker software services very shocked and worried about his condition.

However, there was plenty of relief in the midst of the shock as doctors consider this type of cancer which originates in the white blood cells to be “very treatable and potentially curable”, but his fans still have plenty of reasons to be concerned, as he’s very admired as a person and a player.

In Atlanta, he was tested at Emory University since an MRI exam done almost two weeks ago showed that he had a mass located on his chest’s right side, and lymphoma was suspected to be the cause of this.

“This is a diagnosis that is very treatable and potentially curable with standard chemotherapy approaches,” says MD Christopher R. Flowers, who’s the director of the Emory Lymphoma Program. “The goal of Mr. Berry’s treatment is to cure his lymphoma and we are beginning that treatment now.”

In a statement, the former All-Pro safety said that he’s set to “embrace this process and attack it the same way I do everything else in life. God has more than prepared me for it.”

He was already placed on the non-football related injury list, and won’t be able to play for the rest of the season, but many of his fans are confident that he will be able to beat this obstacle and bounce back.

Many fans remember that in the draft of 2010, Berry was the fifth pick overall, and he was able to make a very good impact on the team almost from the beginning. Bookmaker software services were very impressed when they saw that Berry won honors for the Pro Bowl during his season as a rookie. The player suffered a torn knee ligament and ended up missing most of the second year with the Chiefs, but the season after that he went back to action, starting in every single game, and being a key asset to the team.

Last season, Berry was voted All-Pro after he was able to tally 3.5 sacks, score two TD’s and record three interceptions. The player’s fans also saw that he was also able to recover two fumbles as he made 81 tackles, something that clearly shows his talent on the field.